In 2007, the foundation of dynamic inertia technology was laid, inspired by my brother Jimmy's innovative vision. Suffering from multiple sclerosis, he was determined to maintain his athletic prowess.

An accomplished athlete and true student of sports science and guided by his medical expertise, Jimmy conceived the groundbreaking concept of “dynamic inertia” that breathed life into ONE Club swing trainer and this company, Dynamic Inertia Performance.

Rooted in our shared commitment to excellence, we moved forward and developed future plans together. We built rough prototypes in our basement, and first started testing our product and ideas on ourselves and our friends. Jimmy's inventive spark, coupled with my engineering background, fueled our aspiration to transcend boundaries.

In 2009. we realized were really on to something and started up our company, Dynamic Inertia Fitness Inc in the hope of bringing our idea to market.  

Above: Alcide Deschesnes with the ONE Club golf swing trainer.

Dynamic Inertia Performance is a company developing proprietary consumer fitness products specifically designed to increase the speed and power of sporting movements.

DIP believes that its technology and products will prove to be the most effective way to increase sport-specific speed and power, which is an important aspect of both sports training and sustained personal athletic improvement. 


In 2010, a poignant chapter unfolded as my brother’s health began to decline, eventually leading to his passing in 2011. Our shared aspirations seemed to crumble in the face of this loss.

The years that followed were marked by a struggle to find my footing without my brother's presence.

Yet: his spark continued to inspire me. Despite the sorrow, I remained committed to reviving our idea from the depths of adversity. By 2018, a renewed determination ignited within me, driven by the aim to honor his legacy by materializing our concept.


My journey in developing ONE has been one of trials and triumphs. In 2021, I established Dynamic Inertia Performance and pay homage daily to my brother's original vision.

Through research, development, and unwavering commitment, ONE emerged amidst challenges and obstacles. It was a non-linear path that demanded sacrifices—ONE became the living embodiment of innovation and unwavering dedication. 


Want to know more?


After 2 years on the market, we’re gaining momentum—and it is incredible to see our idea come to life!

I love hearing from customers saying how it has impacted their game; from top coaches and pros to your golf fanatic to your hack golfer.

Your positive comments and feedback keep the entire team motivated and I know my brother would be happy.


…we are far from done.

We plan on taking what my brother started and trying to better optimize this technology and how it applies to human physiology.

In short, we want to provide you with the best products possible. With many ideas in the pipeline, we’re eager to share them with you soon.

I wanted to thank you all who believe in and support us—it means the world to us.

-Alcide Deschesnes

President, Dynamic Inertia Performance